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William Hill

For me, the best thing about being a teacher is the ongoing opportunity I have to form relationships with our school community, including parents, families, and especially my students. My goal as a teacher is to create an environment where my students feel seen and...

Caroline Brickhouse

Durham is a place that values innovation, acceptance, and equity. These same values are reflected in DPS through innovation with technology as a 1 to 1 district, acceptance with love for all our students, and equity through reflective practice and action by our...

Kiera Wooding

My favorite parts about DPS are the students and the connections with students and staff. The creativity of our students is beyond believable. We all work as a team and treat each other as family.

Alexandra Morales

Every day I get the opportunity and privilege to help enrich the minds of our future. The environment and team of people with who I work with help me enjoy what I do.

Reagan Murphy

I love interacting with our students from rich, diverse backgrounds and helping them overcome obstacles in academics and life. I am thankful to work for DPS where I am provided multiple opportunities to do what I love.